About Us

Hilary, BSc(Hons), Diploma Naturopathic Medicine, Natural Health Practitioner, Natural Health Educator, SNHS (dip) Yoga, Diploma Systematic Theology & World Religions.

As I sat by my mother's bedside as she died I made a silent vow to find the cure to her disease.  It was this that resurrected my passion for science and set me on the road to discovering natural healing options and I subsequently spent several years retraining as a Naturopath.  Along the way I also worked in the bio-medical laboratory of a large hospital which is where I met my soul-mate, husband and colleague Stephan.

My training included over and above advanced in depth anatomy & physiology,  advanced nutrition & metabolism, ogliotherapy, gemmotherapy etc.,  hands on treatments such as 

aromatherapy,  massage techniques, reflexology, and basic hypnotherapy.  As part of my Continuous Professional Development and in order to be able to help my clients further I am currently studying advanced medical hypnotherapy.

Stephan, MSc,

After completing my training I worked for 16 years as a Bio-medical Scientist and Virologist in a busy hospital in the south of England.  Despite having been trained in allopathic medicine I had always been interested in Natural medicine and had qualified as an Aromatherapist in my early 20s.

Long hours working on call coupled with poor eating habits and bad life style choices took a toll on my health,  I became increasingly unwell and extremely overweight.  I suffered with asthma, eczema, chronic intestinal problems and frequent migraines.  It was around this time I met Hilary.  She offered her assistance but it wasn't until I was prescribed Beta Blockers for phenomenally high blood pressure that I finally asked her to help me.  I honestly feel she saved my life.  By following her recommendations  my blood pressure was lowered and stabilised within weeks, the eczema disappeared and has never returned, the asthma attacks ceased as did the migraines and on top of it all without even trying I lost 5 stones in weight.   

As part of my Continuous Personal Development I am studying Herbalism with a view to taking a qualification later in the year.



We are a dedicated team, committed to helping you achieve wholeness in mind. body and spirit.  We want nothing more than to see you complete, healthy, thriving and prospering even as your soul prospers.

We look forward to meeting you and being able to set you upon the road to optimum health and well-being.