Client Testimonials

Jane D,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful massage treatment you gave me.  I was tense and uncomfortable when I walked in, when I walked out I felt relaxed and restored.  You are amazing, thank you once again.  See you next month.

Annie S,

I can hardly believe how much pain relief I have received at your hands with the pain genie and aromatherapy massage.  I had no pain relief after my car accident until I found you.  So grateful for all the relaxation techniques you have taught me too.


When I first came to you I had several chronic conditions for which I would have had to have taken pharmaceutical drugs for the rest of my life.  At best they simply masked or managed the symptoms.  With some basic dietary & lifestyle changes I have gradually been able to stop all medication and have never felt healthier.   

Lisa S

I had the luxury pedicure and reflexology foot massage and it gave me almost instant relief from a migraine I had been suffering with for several days.  Not just a one off either as Hilary came to my office to help when I had a migraine coming on before doing an important presentation.  I cannot thank you enough Hilary and am looking forward to taking your dietary and lifestyle advice.

Pascal L,

I was really struggling trying to give up smoking.  I guess I was baulking against having to because of Doctor's orders due to a recent heart attack.  The hypnotherapy session was first of all a very relaxing and de-stressing experience and helped me leave behind a lot of baggage that I had not realised I was carrying around in my head. from my past.  I have now taken control of my habit and have cut down dramatically and know I will be able to completely stop very soon.

Ruth B,

 Thank you so much for all the advice and support you have given me over the past 18 months.  When I found a lump in my breast I was terrified.  You went beyond what I could have hoped for.  Not only did you give me dietary, supplementary and physical advice you took the time to encourage me both mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I was delighted when after only 3 weeks on the tumour had noticeably diminished in size.  I love my new diet and lifestyle.


More testimonials coming soon.  Just waiting for permission from my clients to publicise their comments.

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