News, Events, Special Offers & Yoga for beginners

Thinking ahead


Wow June is upon  us and I am missing the summer...... who stole those lazy hazy crazy days of summer?  I am seriously beginning to wonder who has global warming!!   Let's take this additional non-exposure time to prepare our bodies for their forthcoming summer exposure.  A good healthy detox and revised diet program incorporating all those lovely summer fresh fruits and salad veg...... and what better time to book a much needed pamper session and try out our luxury pedicure or range of wonderful rejuvenating massages.

Pamper yourself


You always deserve a pamper session!  "ME" time is a very important aspect of your daily health routine.  You only have one body to last your lifetime so you need to be kind to it and treat it with respect and honour.   Massage is not just a wonderfully relaxing and pleasant experience it is a proven health and immune enhancer. Check out our new Fat Buster Massage course to help combat those stubborn fat deposits and prepare for that summer body you always wanted.  Or take advantage of our Luxury Pamper Pedicure to beautify your feet in preparation for their summer exposure!  

Summer Wellness Retreat 17 - 21 June 2019


Still time to join us for the last day or two of the Retreat.  It has been an awesome week so far and we have met some really lovely ladies and enjoyed a superb time.  There are still Aquarobics classes, an introduction to self-hypnosis and a workshop on Essential Oils.  In addition join in our yoga and meditation sessions and enjoy some delicious meals.  Our resident Beauty Therapist still has a few appointment slots open..  A treat not to be missed.   Venue is Le Moulin de la Quentiniere in Dessertine.  Check out the website for more info and to meet the therapists:   Hurry and book, would love to see you there. xx

Beginner's Hatha Yoga


I'm absolutely loving taking the  beginners' yoga class in Ronfeugerai and our first recruits are progressing well and hate to miss a class.  I am currently looking for a suitable hall near to St. Hilaire du Harcouet and will post on here and advertise as soon as I have a location and firm dates for the new debutants'  class.  Remember yoga is so gentle and adaptable you are never too old, inflexible or out of condition to start.  In fact saying you are too unfit for yoga is like saying you are too dirty to take a shower!